H Allen Smith Poster

This project resulted in a beautiful 24″ x 36″ poster. The text below (that explains the project) is the copy that appears on the H. Allen Smith Appreciation Society Facebook page:

About two years ago Mark Van Noppen (one of H. Allen Smith’s grandsons and a colleague here in Providence, RI) came into my office with two shopping bags full of H. Allen Smith book covers and asked if I could turn them into a poster. I said yes, and this is it. The poster includes all thirty nine of Mr. Smith’s book covers carefully and lovingly restored as published (some editorial privilege has been exercised in determining what constitutes an H. Allen Smith book, but we settled on the thirty nine featured here). Most are the front covers (only) of First Editions, while others include the spine and back cover where an illustration (many by some of the best artists and illustrators of the 1940’s and ’50’s, like Leo Hershfield, Chas Addams and others) were worth capturing.

Mark wanted to make a surprise Christmas gift of the poster to members of his family, all of whom were thrilled with this celebration of H. Allen. The reception by family members has led him to offer the poster to members of the H Allen Smith Appreciation Society (and anyone else who may be interested), who do so much to keep H. Allen’s work alive.

If you are interested in getting a 24″ X 36″ poster for yourself they are $60.00 each plus postage. Each poster is a high quality inkjet print on archival photo-grade paper, shipped in a rigid tube via priority mail. You can order one or more here……


If you are wondering why the poster is available on a motorcycle site?… You’ll have to ask Rhubarb, the millionaire cat, about that.


This is the poster in its final form with all 39 book covers in chronological order, left to right and top to bottom.


Some of the covers were in better shape than others. This one is one of Smith’s most famous works. Rhubarb was made into a Hollywood film in 1951, with then unknown Leonard Nimoy as a member of the baseball team. Reconstructing the name of the book on the spine took the most time.


This is a Charles Addams cover and one of my favorites. All 39 covers needed some work. This one (like many others) needed some significant reconstruction. At the same time I wanted to maintain some sense that these were the original covers; so some of them maintain their ragged edges, although to a lesser degree than supplied.


This particular cover was beaten up, scratched and extremely faded.

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