The Declaration of Independence and The United States Constitution

Stone Engraving of the Declaration of Independence — National Archive

You can download the file below and you will have the entire text of the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution on a single standard letter size (8.5″ X 11″) sheet of paper. Print it, fold it and stick it in your wallet, purse, brief case, gun case, glove compartment, anywhere. Be informed and be aware. Vigilance remains a key part of the life of the patriot. Many have fallen to protect the world from the tyranny of kings, dictators and totalitarian rule. Liberty and the freedoms we have as American citizens can be removed by force or be allowed to slip away by not taking personal responsibility to know what the USC says, and digging deeper if you don’t understand. Speaking up, asking questions, and educating yourself is an important part of the freedoms you have. Don’t be silenced by the mob or individuals in your circle of influence. Speak up if something doesn’t sound right or reasonable. You have the right of freedom of speech. When someone doesn’t agree with you that is the perfect opportunity to find out why, and then explain to them why you believe that in America every reasonable person can speak their mind… including you.

Take a few minutes and read these two foundational documents of our Democratic Republic, and then send the PDF file to all your friends.